Friday, May 4, 2007

Milking a Cow in Harvest Moon DS

Here is an actual screen from Harvest Moon DS. Although it is taken from the original Japanese version of the game, the English version is very similar. The farmer (your character) is milking a cow in his field. He is wearing a device called the 'Touchglove' which allows him to use his stylus and Touchscreen to milk the cow, where otherwise he simply would use the action button with the Milker. When the Touchglove is used, the player actually 'milks' the cow by passing the stylus back and forth across the udders of the Cow. The speed with which this is done determines the amount of size of the milk that is obtained.

With the Touchglove, the player can pet his cow each day using the stylus and can wash it by using a Brush. Affection levels are increased when the Touchglove is employed.

Above the Touchscreen is a picture of the actual field on the farm. The player here has not done a very good job in clearing the field. Perhaps it is early in the game, but the tree stumps, rocks, boulders and weeds should be cleared away, the ground tilled and crops planted in their stead.

The house shown in the southeast corner of the top screen is not the player's farmhouse but the cabin belonging to Takakura, his father's old friend.

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