Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Wonderful World of Animal Parade


Animal Parade is the next game in the series that began with Tree of Tranquility, the first Harvest Moon game to be published for the Wii system. Having written the Official Strategy Guide for Tree of Tranquility, I was unable to post freely about that game, but I labour under no restrictions of that nature where Animal Parade is concerned.

Both games have a very detailed main plot and both offer a wealth of choices in terms of prospective spouse. As your choice of spouse will affect the personality of your child, Animal Parade offers many different 'paths' in terms of your ultimate family life.

Both games include stunning graphics. Personally, I feel that the musical themes in Animal Parade are among the most beautiful I ever have heard, with the possible exception of Rune Factory Frontier, another game made for the Wii.

Watermills are nothing new to Harvest Moon. In many old games, including FoMT and MFoMT, you could feed the Corn you grew into the Watermill to create Feed for your Chickens.

Milling has become far more sophisticated in Animal Parade, however, offering wonderful new options of growing your own Coffee Beans and Sugarcane to grind at the local Windmill into Sugar and Ground Coffee.

A Crop that is new to Harvest Moon is the Olive, which can be processed into Olive Oil for Cooking, offering an alternative to the Butter created from the Milk your Livestock produce. Sheep by the way can yield both Milk and Wool in Animal Parade and ALL Livestock can be used for Transport.

The basic system is the same both in Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade. Any player who enjoyed ToT will be well-equipped to play Animal Parade. As with Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands, however, the two games are diverse enough to make each unique.

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