Friday, November 7, 2014

Changes in Family Farm Seaside in response to Players

Recently, I wrote a post about some aspects of Family Farm Seaside that were frustrating to players, including myself.  A number of small changes have been made now, to enable players to operate more successfully.

One of the issues involved a Jack O'Lantern Machine that had to be completed from Materials obtained randomly when fishing with a special Hallowe'en Hook that required 125 Bait.  The Machine requires a total of 500 Materials.  It was released a few days before Hallowe'en and players had four weeks to complete it.  Even so, there were two fundamental problems with this.   A Machine that is particular to Hallowe'en should be completed in time for Hallowe'en.  A week after Hallowe'en, many players had not completed the Machine and were heartily sick of fishing.

The developers have reduced the price of fishing with the Hallowe'en Hook from 125 to 100 Bait.  This is a temporary 'sale' but is helpful.  Furthermore, they have reduced the price of purchase of extra fishing tries from 2 RC to 1 RC.  This too is temporary but shouild enable many players to complete the Machine.  I finally completed mine this morning.

Another problem with the release of the Hallowe'en Machine was the fact that the game had another ongoing project that required a large number of Seafood Items that, like any Seafood Item, could be obtained only randomly when fishing with specific hooks.  With a limited number of fishing tries, one could not perform both the Cooking Stand and the Jack O'Lantern Machine projects.  It is extremely frustrrating when one cannot participate in all Missions, Quests or projects in a game that one plays faithfully on a daily basis.

Today, a new time-restricted Quest was released.  You can find it on my Family Farm Seaside Guide page.  Some Quests in the past have included tasks that required a large number of Seafood items. This one does not require more than 10.  This fact is significant in that many players still are working on the completion of the Jack O'Lantern Machine and need to be able to use their allotted fishing attempts for that project.

Whoever developed the Family Dinner Quest thought it out very nicely.  Items that are required in one step are used in a later step and the Items that are required for the Collections Mission are required for tasks in the Quest sequence as well.  In other words, farmers can further the Collections Mission by completing a task for the traditional Quest sequence.   This has not been the case in the past, where many tasks really had no connection to any other task or to the corresponding Collections Mission.

I do not know if any one at FunPlus read my 'open letter' or not but the developers obviously became aware of player complaints and addressed them in a timely fashion.  For me, this is what distinguishes a truly good gaming company from a  poor one.  Moreover, I am more inclined to invest time, energy and even money in a game when I know that player concerns are heard and addressed than I would be in a game where it is evident that no one ever listens.  The developers of the original Family Farm actually invites players to make comments and suggestions about every aspect of the game.  I  hope a forum can be established for players of Family Farm Seaside where they can do the same.

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