Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Virtues of Patience

I found myself becoming impatient with 'Innocent Life' because nothing new was going on in the game. This caused me to reflect upon the nature of Harvest Moon games, and to realise that they are not designed to give instant gratification to players. They are designed to teach philosophical and ethical principles. Patience, respect for Nature and other creatures is at the heart of Harvest Moon. The ability to live in harmony with the world and to become one with the rhythms of Nature is what Harvest Moon teaches. If you are not willing to exercise patience and steadfastness, you should not become involved with any Harvest Moon game.

Another aspect of Harvest Moon is the need to master the skill sometimes known as
'multi-tasking'. When one becomes too obsessed with a single aspect of the game, one inevitably will make a mistake. Crops need to be planted, watered and harvested, but growing crops is not the only goal. One must be aware of the concerns and needs of other people, but not to the point where one neglects farming and ranching. One must pay attention to the animals, not simply ship their products.
One cannot remain on the farm all the time. It is by visiting other places that one unlocks new options.

When one becomes impatient, the game loses its charm. When one is able to participate in the rhythms of Nature, Harvest Moon offers an entertaining and sometimes instructive means to experience inner peace.


Anonymous said...

Dear Freyashank,

I too am so deeply moved by Innocent Life. You are the first person who I have found whohas relected my feelings for this great game and who has so nicely encapsulated these feelings in your piece, "The Virtues of Patience".

The philosophies and principles that it embodies are such a refreshing change to the senseless violence, speed and mayhem so typical of other PSP games.

Thank you for your walkthrough's on IGN, They were extremly well written and very handy at times!

from a fellow IL-fan
Mountain Gnome

Freyashawk said...

Dear Mountain Gnome,

Thank you very much for responding to my post. I always am pleased to know that my guides are being used and that they help to make the game more enjoyable. All Harvest Moon games share a common philosophy, actually. You probably will enjoy Rune Factory as well. Although one uses a sword to battle monsters in addition to the usual farming, mining and fishing, in the end it is only to tame these monsters, make friends with them and create a relationship with all living creatures and the land itself. Harvest Moon games embody a very gentle philosophy that accepts the role and value of all creatures, both animate and inanimate, seeking to create a reminder that, for all our technological advances, there is no substitute for Nature.